Founded in 2008 by Leonardo Herrero Lugo, HEDnardos began as a property management firm, specializing in building maintenance, painting, landscaping, roof waterproofing, and floor polishing. 

By August 8, 2009, we evolved into a general contracting firm, HEDnardos Corporation, INC., in Puerto Rico, embarking on a mission to transform spaces across the island. From intimate bathroom remodels to expansive patio terraces, our portfolio quickly diversified.

Our ambition led us beyond residential projects into the commercial realm, notably contributing to the Mall of San Juan’s retail landscape. The leap into industrial projects, including pharmaceutical and manufacturing plants, marked our entry into a new era of construction, showcasing our versatility and commitment to excellence.

With over 20 years of experience in the Puerto Rico market, our construction company has been a cornerstone in the island’s reconstruction efforts post-Hurricane Maria. We have played a crucial role in rebuilding communities, homes, and commercial structures across Puerto Rico.

Our unwavering dedication to excellence, integrity, and innovation has allowed us to be a positive agent of change in the recovery and revitalization of our beloved island. Additionally, we are a company committed to the economic development of the island, believing in the transformative power of construction to drive sustainable growth, create local employment, and foster prosperity in our communities.

Trust in our experience, commitment, and passion for construction to execute your projects with the highest quality and attention to detail, no matter the challenges that may arise along the way.